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23. 02. -08. 03 .

Throws are the time when winter-dried plans have to be put into practice. We have to move towards spring next year's productivity. Metes are a crosswind, which should be equated with the phases of the moon. Usually we expect Meten in the second part of February - in the growing month, a few days before the full moon. Metes are the midpoint between the winter solstice and the spring solstice. Time when running water, ice, snow and fog are available in nature (4 water states). Important  Strengthen your psychic energy to have a cleaner head for a more receptive future. In order for the throw of the future to turn into the canvas of the world before the Throw, everything that disturbs must also be thrown. One must receive the flesh, or physical and spiritual fasting.

The Meteņi bath ritual will help you prepare mentally and physically for the Meteņi. Think about and formulate your own what you can throw a fire for the purpose of the morning after the sauna ritual. In the sauna, you must first cleanse yourself of everything that has been accumulated before, with both juniper and other sauna brooms. The energy spanking of the bather must be allowed to end, which ends up in a changed state of consciousness called flight. Then is the right time to throw gold and silver threads, planning the next financial year and strengthening ties with your family.

Such a ritual has a limited time to be as effective as possible.  until March 8, or from ascending month to descending.

So book your Meteņi bath ritual  on time!

Honeymoon and fire ritual program.


Warming up. How to switch to sauna mode. As a result of the warming, the pores open to the skin, the body begins to sweat and the thoughts of everyday life begin to subside.

Massage with scrub. A special bath technique that will not only cleanse your body, but will also help you get closer to a meditative state by harmonizing your internal energy resources.

Buying yourself. An integral part of the Rete bath ritual.

Energetic beating under the guidance of a bather. Bath broom and gentle touch, strengthening folk songs, protection of nature and word. Cooling in water, or flight. 

A ritual of fire in the circle of the solar calendar. Let's throw your year together in honor of Meteni.

The sauna ritual, as well as the fire ritual are led by certified bathers Matīss Vilde and Līga Miķelsone.

Bath ritual time 4-5h



1 person 150 eur

2 persons 250 eur (125 eur per person)

3 persons 360 eur (120 eur per person)

4 persons 440 eur (110 eur per person)


It is best to perform a ritual in the middle of the day.

Apply in time. The ritual is valid from 23.02.-08.03.

Apply here!

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