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Following the rhythms of daily work, each couple deserves time to relax, get closer and rest from everyday events. A wonderful holiday in an undisturbed romantic atmosphere is exactly what you need to enjoy the moments of intimacy together. "Romantic sauna evening" is for everyone who wants to please their loved one or their friends and enjoy the rest with a touch of romance!

Pirts rituāls Lielzemenēs (Lielzemenes)
Sauna ritual in Lielzemenes (Lielzemenes)
Sauna ritual in Lielzemenes (Lielzemenes)
Pirts rituāls Lielzemenēs (Lielzemenes)

"Lielzemenes" sauna is a truly unique place that will give you an unforgettable adventure and allow you to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere at the heart of nature. Professional bathers have developed a range of invigorating and effective treatments, including those used by our ancestors in their baths. In their work, bathers reflect the basics of the Latvian bath ritual, which uses natural materials - bath brooms, herbal sheets, herbal teas. Take one evening to restore your mind and body. Enjoy the natural nature of the sauna. Warm-up, aromatherapy, body scrub, massage in the sauna - will give you long-term well-being.  

After the "Lielzemenes" sauna ritual, you will feel completely happy and relaxed.

Bathers Aelita Vilde-Batņa, Juris Batņa.

During the sauna ritual we offer:

  • A real Latvian sauna 

  • Steaming procedure with fragrant bath brooms

  • Skincare procedures with natural peels and masks

  • Relaxing massages with foam, chocolate and honey

  • Herbal tea and homemade strawberry ice cream

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