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Theoretical part:
Gathering until 10:00
10: 00-11: 00 introduces
11: 00-13: 30 lecture
13: 30-14: 00 lunch
14: 00-16: 15 lecture
16: 00-16: 15 closing circle

Practical part:
15 - 20: 00 practice - steaming in the sauna


OCTOBER 15, 2023.

Come and study sauna knowledge at the sauna school "Lielzemenes!"

The sauna school starts admission to the bathhouse course.

We offer both bathers and bath lovers to acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills for working in the sauna. We invite everyone who wants to dedicate time one day a month only to themselves and their health. Learn about Latvian bath culture and rituals.
The sauna school has 12 theoretical and practical classes once a month.


Study program:

Comparison of sauna culture of different nations. History of the Latvian sauna. Sauna construction. Traditional bath rituals. Bath brooms and their energy. Relationship between a couple and a sauna. Bath ethics. Anatomy. Beauty in the sauna. Aromatherapy. Classical massage. Aroma massage. Energy spanking. Treatment  plants. The power of the word in the sauna. Stress management. Anti-aging medicine and sauna. Detoxification. Working with altered states of consciousness in the sauna. Water healing. First aid. SPA procedures in the sauna.

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Apmaksā visu gadu uzreiz  Ietaupi

Nodarbības maksa 90eur

Kopā 12 nodarbības 1080eur

Apmaksā visu skolu uzreiz 900eur un ietaupi 180eur

Nekavējies un piesakies, un iegūsti brīnišķīgu iespēju
iegūt jaunu dzīves pieredzi!

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